Whole Numbers

If you don't know your times tables from 2 to 12 - you must go back and learn them.

Be sure to include the operation sign with all problems

* or x means to multiply
+ means to add
- means to subtract
/ means to divide

In addition and subtraction always line up your numbers from the last number when adding or subtracting. Place a zero if it is necessary to keep a place.

When you borrow for subtraction, remember to reduce the number your borrowed from by one and add ten the number you borrowed for.

Multiplication - numbers can be switched and you will get the same answer -

23 * 116 is the same as 116 * 23

The answer is called the product

In division place a number on each number including the zeroes.

The answer is called the quotient.

Any number left over is called the remainder - be sure the remainder is less then the divisor.

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Divisibility Rules
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